Rachel Black CV
MFA Thesis 2006 -
MFA Thesis 2006

I am interested in how the photos of family and friends found in old albums become a tapestry of memory, a part of our identity, even if we have no recollection of the events photographed. I find that using these old photos as a starting point for my paintings makes the figures I paint have an immediate and confrontational quality. It may make one feel as if he is confronting a grandfather, mother, or even himself face-to-face. I want the paintings to establish a connection with the viewer by which I can suggest insights into the rituals being portrayed. I strive for the, arguably unattainable, universal. I like how using the family snapshot firmly plants the compositions I present in a form of reality that most people are familiar with—the photographic image. I recognize that in working with the photo I am presenting yet another false picture of reality, but it is a picture of reality that we have all grown to trust and hold dear as truth. Most importantly, it is imagery that we are all comfortable with.
Rachel Black CV