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Ocular Series -
Ocular Series

The works presented in Ocular began with a shoebox. The contents were a career’s worth of accumulated slides which once belonged to an ophthalmologist. I continue to be inspired and drawn to this collection of imagery as a starting point for my artwork. The originals are intriguing as artifacts themselves but translating the microscopic images onto canvas and paper is a process which brings to light new ways of seeing them.
The drawings and paintings begin to be about more than re-representing the diseases of the eye illustrated in the source images. They morph and I take liberties with form and color. The resulting work has become a way to explore the nature of perception, looking inward through the window of the soul rather than outward at the world.
This inward-looking process has resulted in paintings which for me personify a larger view and bring to mind cosmic landscapes, a sort of Milky Way embodied in human biology.
Rachel Black CV